Lessons From Children

This week I have been working with 11 8/9 year old girls in a church challenge camp.  These girls are constantly asking me “What are we doing next?” or “When are we going swimming?”  or even “I don’t like this, when will we be done?”  Today I told  them to just be still and live in the moment.  Enjoy whatever activity we happen to be doing, and don’t wish the day away, it will pass soon enough.  It turns out that I needed to apply this advice to my own life…go figure!

You see, I’ve been wishing my life away.  I’ve been dreaming about marrying this guy, and I’ve even named  our kids.  (If you’re wondering…I want a Hudson Taylor [insert last name] and an Alexander Hamilton [or at least one of those names, I’m not quite sold on which one {and yes, I have definitely jumped on the Alexander Hamilton band-wagon}] There is a slight problem, though…he hasn’t exactly asked me out on a first date yet…  So what makes me think that we will be together that far into the future?  Dreams are good and all, but because I am way ahead of myself, I am not living in the moment.  I’m living in a fantasy future.  And this is not healthy.  In fact, some days it makes my life kind of miserable.  I think about how much I like this guy, but how we’ve seemed to hit a rough patch and I wonder if he really cares anymore.  So really, because I live in this imaginary future, I am either over the moon happy when we do talk, or moody when we don’t.

What if we all just stopped living for what we are working towards, and started enjoying the things that we have today?  We could find so much more joy in our every day activities, and with the people that we are with here and now.

Maybe I should actually take my mom’s advice on this subject and “Enjoy the ride.”


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