An Adventure With God

On Thursday afternoon I got a phone call from a sergeant, telling me that I was going to deploy to Europe.  He gave me no other information than that, no place, length, or departure date (or month for that mater), but he had advised me not to make plans for the upcoming school year.  As you may imagine, I have been on a roller coaster of emotions these past few days.  I’ve been excited, scared, sad, and at peace.  Lets just say that it has been a crazy weekend.  I’ve been excited, and lighthearted about this so that I can try to find the positives in this situation.   Been scared, because I’ve never been out of the country without a family member before, and now I’ll be moving half-way around the world.  I’ve been sad, because I do not want to leave Asbury.  My friends are here, and I have grown to love this campus.  And today, I officially found peace in the situation.

During worship at church today, I was praying instead of singing, and  I realized that I live by my own plans, so when they get disrupted, I am a mess.  You see, I had already registered for classes for the next semester.  I was coming back to Asbury after summer break.  But that is not what God had in plan.  Instead, He told me that I belonged in Europe.  I mean what greater sign can there be than being unexpectedly told you were going!  Because that did not sit well with my plans; however, I went through the trouble of resistance and kicking and screaming, whereas I could have just accepted it from the get-go.  This is what happens when we live by our own plans.  When God intercepts them and changes the play, we are resistant, because that is not what we were expecting.

Now I can also see this deployment as an adventure with God.  The guest speaker said today that when we have faith, we can go on adventures with God.  As soon as he said that, my ears perked up, and I knew that he was speaking to me.  I am about to  embark on an amazing adventure, and God will go with me.  Not only can I use this deployment as a mission from Him to spread the good news of Jesus wherever I go, but I can also see this as an adventure with my heavenly Father, and that is what I will do.  I will choose to follow Him, wherever He may lead.



  1. Cassandra you are wise beyond your years! God will go before you and make the way. I am proud of you and will hold you up in prayer. And thank you for your service. We are blessed as a nation because of yours and others sacrifice and being willing to have your life interrupted.


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