That Kind of Man/ That Kind of Christian

While I was reading my devotions this morning, I ran across Genesis 6:22 “Thus Noah did; according to all that God commanded him, so he did.”  A simple verse, a simple context, and yet, not as simple as one may actually think.  A lot of us have heard the story about the Ark.  God sent a flood, wiped out all of humanity, saved a few people and animals, and that was it.  But was it?  I believe that there is so much more behind the story, and, in fact, behind this verse.  You see, floods were not as common back then, as they are today.  And a world wide flood to wipe out humanity had never taken place before, so to think that Noah prepared a huge boat for something he had never seen before, is incredible.  But God told him to do it, so he obeyed.  He didn’t ask questions, but he trusted.

This leads me to the conclusion that I came to as I read this verse and learned more about Noah’s faith.  When it comes time for me to marry, I want a man like that.  One who, no matter what will trust God.  One who will say “I don’t understand, God, but I trust You, and will do as You ask.”  God may call us to do some things that sound, in the world’s eyes, absolutely insane, but if we completely trust God, that is all that matters.

This is how all believers are supposed to be.  We know who God is.  We know what great things He has done in our lives.  We have heard the stories of miracles that He has performed, and we have seen miracles take place in our lives and in others.  And yet, it is still hard to trust, at times.  We want to take matters into our own hands.  We want to be in charge, and not to let another take charge.  We want control of our situations.  It’s who we are as humans.  But it is wrong, and it is harmful.  We cannot control half the things that happen to us, so why not trust the One who controls all things.  Why not trust Him, and do as He says?



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