Nothing Short Of a Miracle

This week, I was contacted by someone I never thought I would hear from again.  Someone I thought had left my life for good.  Who before this week, I had hoped I would never have to speak to again.  Anyways, he contacted me on Monday night, upsetting my world again.  All the anger that I thought was gone, came rushing back.  So did the hurt and pain.  I was so lost and unsure of what to do.  Each of my friends gave me advice, but one of my dear friends simply told me to wait to make any decisions until lunch on Tuesday.

By lunch time the next day, I knew what I would do.  I texted him back, telling him about God’s forgiveness, and how prayer eventually stopped me from hating him.  It was hard, but it was something I had to do, and am so glad that I did, because it brought healing.  That’s right.  I thought I had forgiven him, I thought I had come to terms with the situation, and that it wasn’t controlling my life but until this week, I didn’t know what forgiveness was, and I didn’t know how big an impact this incident had on my life.  It held my heart, and my happiness, and my peace in chains, and would not allow me to move on.  But now  I have peace in my heart, and now when I think about him, I’m not angry or upset.

Why?  Because we were able to talk like civil human beings.  We were able to make a bad relationship end on a good note.

This is my miracle.  I have been set free from the invisible chains that held me back.

Today we sang in church “My chains are gone, I’ve been set free, my God, my Savior has ransomed me,    And like a flood His mercy rains, unending love, amazing grace.”  “Amazing Grace” Chris Tomlin.  I could sing these words with confidence, knowing that this was true in my life, more true than it had ever been before.  I was free.  I am free.  And now I’m asking you, “what chains hold you back from total freedom?  What are you a slave to that you just need to let go of?”



    1. You may not believe this, but noone is completely free. One either lives for God or lives for self. And if one lives for themself, then they are reallt listening for Satan because


  1. I appologize for that. I accidentally hit send. Anyways when one lives for themselves they are living for Satan. There are only two powers in this world, God and Satan, and there is no in between. Satan’s distraction is making us believe that we live for ourselves. And a life lived for ourself is one wasted and not lived for Christ. I don’t expect you to understand, yet I pray that you do.


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