More Than A Wall

Disclaimer:  I am not here to express whether I am pro-Trump or anti-Trump.  Neither am I here to say weather I a for or against his plans to “Make America Great Again.”  Neither am I going to say that all Christians act the way that I describe below.

As I was thinking in the shower, yes, I do my best thinking in the shower, tonight, I realized that there is something we need more than Trump`s Wall, or immigration laws.  Actually there are two things that America needs to be great again.

First and foremost, we need God back in America.  We still claim to be “One Nation Under God,” but are we really?  Are we really sticking to our roots, or are we breaking away from them?  Have we broken away from them years ago?  What is more important to us as a nation?  Missions and serving others, or becoming the world’s greatest super power?  Do we really put God before every decision that we make, and everything that we do?  Sadly, I don`t think so.  We need to get prayer back into schools, and we as Christians have to stop being so scared of offending people, that we do not share the Gospel.

That’s one of the biggest problems in America: the church, and in particular individual Christians.  We think that evangelizing is meant to be a preacher’s or teacher’s job, so we leave it to them to do so.  Whereas, we go to church, we tithe, we pray and read our Bibles (we`re “good Christians [as if there ever was such a thing, we all still sin]); and then we go about our daily lives, as if nothing has changed.  This is where we have gone horribly wrong.  We need to live out our Christian lives and we need to tell others the truth of the Gospel.  We need to tell them not only about heaven but also about hell.  We need to not only tell them that Jesus died on the cross for them, but why He did so, because they are sinners.  We all are.  We need to tell them that if they do not repent, if they do not turn away from their sin and trust Jesus as their Savior, and live for Him as their Lord, they will go to hell. We need to stop being so afraid of “persecution” or offending others that we don’t share the truth with them.

And this persecution, what might that be?  A loss of friendship or people making fun of you.  So what?  Asia Bibi, from Pakistan, was arrested in June of 2009.  She has been in prison for 2,802 days.  Asia is a mother of two, and is in a prison that is five hours away from her husband and two daughters.  She was on death row for a while, but thankfully that has been overturned.  You can read her story on the Voice of the Martyrs page under “Prisoner Profile” which can been seen if you go into the “see all” tab under “Get Involved.”

The other thing that we need in order to make America great again is love.  We need to love each other, no matter who we are.  This world is so full of hate and indifference.  What kind of world, what kind of America, would we live in if we took the time to just love each other?  We would all be different.  We would  take time out of our busy days, out of our hectic schedules, to just sit down and listen when someone was hurting.  And if we did that, how much less suicides would there be?  How much depression would go away?  If we just took time for others.    I’m not saying that there is a magical cure to these things, but it sure beats hating each other, and maybe, just maybe, it would work.How much greater life could be!  However, we are trapped in the busy schedules of our day that do not allow us to make time to serve others.  Even holding the door for someone, or giving money to a homeless person can feel like a chore some days!

God and love.  Those are the two things that we need in order to make America what is once was.


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